Short Films

"PORCH LIGHT" - dark comedy short, complete.

"Chirp" - comedy short, currently in pre-pre-production.

Feature Screenplays

"RESCUE PARTY" - Female driven action comedy.

A wisecracking skater chick from Utah relies on her fearless attitude and loyal gal pals as she races to Europe to rescue her best friend from a notorious Ukrainian kidnapper. Their only weapons?  One handy-dandy plastic tampon applicator, a couple of skateboards and a shit ton of skater-girl sarcasm.

Currently a finalist in the “National Lampoon/Stage 32 Search for Comedy Gold” Screenwriting Competition.

Semi-finalist in the Austin Film Festival Screenplay competition.

"DYING FOR IT" - Low budget, single location teen comedy.

The ghost of a teenage virgin refuses to cross over until he has sex, preferably with the hot girl who’s moved into his old house. Unfortunately for him, the only she’s interested in is “Sex Ed.”

Semi-finalist ScreenCraft Comedy Script Contest

Quarter-finalist Page Screenplay Awards

“MURDER VAN” - Ultra low budget horror.

A fierce young woman and her warmhearted best friend battle to survive a serial killer’s sadistic games, while struggling to escape their imprisonment.

"THE ROYAL PAINS" - A punk rock comedy.

A die-hard punkette and her best gal pal, lose their shit when their favorite band announces a private reunion concert. But when the bitter lead singer blacklists them with a hearty “f**k off!” do they give up? Hell no. They’re punkers. It’s on.

Top 20% Nicholls

Second-rounder Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition

Quarter-finalist Final Draft Big Break

“THE DARK OPTION” - Female-led action with a sci-fi element

A strong-willed young woman who can see glimpses of the future must team up with the Navy Seal who betrayed her family to stop World War III.

Page Awards semi-finalist

“TAKING AIM” - Female-led action

“When a young dancer is framed for her sister's murder by the French Canadian mob, she must go head-to-head with the crooks while on the run from the cops -- all in the dark and mysterious city of Montreal.”